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Launched at ASMS: Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray Columns: Plug-and-spray with state of the art performance

May 21, 2012

 The unique EASY-Spray design provides uncompromised performance and ease of use in nano LC-MS. The highest quality chromatographic media and device components ensure high precision and robustness for routine operation.

• Outstanding peak capacity for comprehensive proteome characterization

• Temperature control for maximum reliability and performance

• Thermo Scientific nanoViper fittings provide simple connectivity and eliminate dead volumes


EASY-Spray columns are available with the following options:

• 15 cm x 75 μm ID packed with 3 μm particles for routine applications

• 15 cm x 50 μm ID columns packed with2 μm particles for extra sensitivity

• 25 cm and 50 cm length columns packed with 2 μm particles for greater peak capacity.


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