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Growth media effects on post-translational modifications investigated through peptide mapping LC-MS/MS analysis of anti-IL8 monoclonal antibody

January 7, 2019

As the biopharmaceutical industry continues to expand, the demand for ancillary services such as cell culture media production and optimization is also increasing. Media used for cell cultivation and biopharmaceutical expression can affect cellular behavior with an associated potential influence in yield and quality of the expressed therapeutic protein. Media screening and optimization plays a key role in process development. The purpose of this study is to characterize proteins produced by Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines grown in different types of cell culture media to evaluate potential differences in their quality profile.

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Robust extraction, separation, and quantitation of structural isomer steroids from human plasma by SPE-UHPLC-MS/MS

January 4, 2019

Achieve separation of 12 steroid hormones including structural isomers. Comparison to more popular C18 phase is assessed, as well as extraction from human plasma using polymeric solid phase extraction.

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