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July Products & Events Edition
Webinar: Novel LC Approaches to the Analysis of Alcoholic Beverages — From Fast and Easy Quality Control to Exploring Sensometabolomes
180 billion liters of beer and more than 30 billion bottles of wine are consumed annually worldwide. Andreas Dunkel, Associate, Food Chemistry and Molecular Sensory Science from Technical University Munich is one of the speakers who will explore the sensometabolome, the comprehensive sensory active compounds that trigger the typical smell and taste of food. Learn how on-line SPE-UHPLC and targeted UHPLC-MS/MS methods are used for selected sensometabolites in alcoholic beverages.
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   Issue 30 / July 2012


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Feature—What's New in Liquid Chromatography
There's a New Standard in UHPLC Flexibility—
Introducing the Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 XRS UHPLC and UHPLC/MS Systems
These new systems redefine the capabilities of UHPLC and UHPLC/MS. The systems offer solvent delivery and sample handling with quaternary mobile phase gradients, and a wide range of detector options that improve flexibility of use across a multitude of applications. With highly optimized fluidics, the innovative flow cell design and connection technology minimizes resolution loss and peak dispersion while offering ease-of-use and high performance. Find out more about the system's new features, such as the setup options for high-resolution analysis and high-throughput demands.
Compare High-Resolution and High-Throughput Systems
Download UltiMate XRS Systems Brochure (PDF 349 KB)
Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 XRS UHPLC and UHPLC/MS Systems
New EASY-Spray Nano-Flow LC-MS Source—
Optimization and Reproducibility Built In

This solution eliminates the leaks and dead volumes that lead to low-quality data and lost analysis time. The Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray is a plug-and-spray nano-electrospray source that integrates all the critically important nanobore tubing connections between your UHPLC and MS systems. The temperature-controlled EASY-Spray™ column (see below), high-voltage electrodes, spray, and camera are all integral to the system. Only one Thermo Scientific Dionex nanoViper fingertight fitting is required to connect the LC and the EASY-Spray ion source.
Visit the EASY-Spray Web Page to Learn More
EASY-Spray Nano-Flow LC-MS Source
EASY-Spray Columns Launched at ASMS—
Plug and Spray with State-of-the-Art Performance

EASY-Spray columns for the EASY-Spray source give proteomics researchers more than ever before—more throughput, more sensitivity, more separation power, and greater ease of use. The highest quality chromatographic media and device components ensure high precision and robustness for routine operation. Choose from several column lengths and particles sizes for your applications.
Visit the EASY-Spray Columns Web Page for More

Plug and Spray with State-of-the-Art Performance
New Accucore 150-C18 and 150-C4 HPLC Columns—
Optimum Retention and Resolution for Biomolecule Assays
Improve the quality and robustness of your biomolecule assays in both analytical and nano scale. Use new Thermo Scientific Accucore 150-C18 and 150-C4 HPLC and nanoLC columns for enhanced chromatographic peak capacity and fast run times at low backpressures. Packed with 150 Å pore diameter solid core particles, the columns provide the optimum combination of retention and resolution for peptides and proteins.
Register for Your Accucore Columns Technical Guide for Biomolecule Separations
Accucore 150-C18 and 150-C4 HPLC Columns
New Accucore C8 HPLC Columns
Lower Hydrophobic Retention than C18
Based on state-of-the-art Core Enhanced Technology™, this new Thermo Scientific Accucore C8 HPLC column expands the HPLC family of columns with a shorter alkyl length bonded phase, which provides lower hydrophobic retention than the equivalent C18 phase. The new phase enhances chromatographic performance without generating excessive operating pressure, enabling laboratories to improve sample throughput and quality of results.
Download Accucore C8 Columns Product Specifications (PDF 829 KB)
Accucore C8 HPLC Columns
Free LC Troubleshooting Poster
What do you do when you run into LC problems? Hang this troubleshooting poster in your lab or office for quick and handy reference and fix the problem fast.
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Free LC Troubleshooting Poster
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Gas Chromatography (GC and GC/MS)
New Web Site: Thermo Scientific POPs Center of Excellence
Our website for persistent organic pollutants (POPs) has been redesigned and contains even more useful information than before. Take a look at the new application notes, webinars, and seminar videos.
Visit the New POPs Web Site
Watch Video: Introducing the New TSQ 8000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS
Uncompromised MS/MS simplicity and unstoppable productivity with the Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 triple quadrupole GC-MS system delivering lower detection limits with greater confidence.
View the TSQ 8000 in Action
Webinar: Automated In-Line Sample Preparation and GC Analysis of Biodiesel According to EN14105 and ASTM D6584
July 25, 2012 at 11:00 AM EDT
In this webinar, we will describe the capabilities of a completely scalable solution for biodiesel analysis which significantly reduces the cost per sample and achieves the fastest possible return on investment.
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Webinar: Automated In-Line Sample Preparation and GC Analysis of Biodiesel According to EN14105 and ASTM D6584
On-Demand Webinar: Using Automated Software for Improved Results in GC-Triple Quadrupole Pesticide Analysis
In this webinar, we discuss new software designed to automate common triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS method development and method maintenance tasks. While making the triple quadrupole easier to use, this strategy can also increase sensitivity of the analysis, which will be demonstrated using a complex SRM pesticide method as an example.
More Information and to Register
On-Demand Webinar: Using Automated Software for Improved Results in GC-Triple Quadrupole Pesticide Analysis
On-Demand Webinar: Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS
Re-Imagined—Increased Simplicity and Productivity

Find out how you can adopt triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS technology in your laboratory using existing methods and source parameters in most instances while requiring less sample prep and enjoying the benefits of automated data analysis for increased simplicity and productivity.
More Information and to Register
On-Demand Webinar: Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS Re-Imagined - Increased Simplicity and Productivity
Ion Chromatography (IC)
Measure IC Sample Conductivity and pH Automatically
Streamline IC workflows that require sample conductivity and pH measurements before injection. Automatically adjust sample size for high conductivity samples before injection. The Thermo Scientific Dionex AS-AP Sample Conductivity and pH Accessory is a customer-installable option for the Dionex AS-AP Autosampler.
Read More About This Accessory
Dionex AS-AP Autosampler
Charge Detector Provides More Information per Sample
The world's first IC charge detector provides improved peak identification and peak purity analysis, when combined with suppressed conductivity detection. The Thermo Scientific Dionex QD detects ions in proportion to their charge, producing up to three times greater signal for triply charged ions, e.g., phosphate, than for singly-charged ions.
Visit the Dionex ICS-4000 QD Charge Detector Page
Thermo Scientific Dionex QD
Capillary IC and MS for Simplified Pharmaceutical Quality Control
Typical methods for bisphosphonates analysis include derivatization and/or ion pairing. IC with suppressed conductivity detection doesn't require either, and separates ionic impurities simultaneously, simplifying drug QA/QC. MS offers additional selectivity and sensitivity for bisphosphonates in complex matrices, such as biological fluids.
Download Application Note 1001 (PDF 585 KB)
Workshop: Join Us at the POPs Workshop at Dioxin Symposium 2012
Cairns, Australia, August 26–31
This free workshop will focus on new developments in environmental and food analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) at Dioxin Symposium 2012. Visit Thermo Fisher Scientific Booths 11 and 22 to see the latest developments leading the way in regulatory POPs analysis, including the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra GC-MS/MS and TargetQuan 3 software.
More Workshop Information and to Register
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