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June Products & Events Edition

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   Issue 28 / June 2012


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Feature: Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
Chromeleon CDS Software Provides Comprehensive Multi-Vendor Instrument Support
Your existing chromatography instruments can be run using the gold-standard Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon 7.1 CDS software. This software controls the widest range of third-party LC, GC, and IC systems in the industry, enabling easy operation of a wide variety of multiple-vendor instruments using a universal platform. With ChromeleonTM CDS software, you can eliminate wasted time training users on different software interfaces, greatly reduce the sample-to-results timeline by using simple interactive features, and ensure consistent and comparable results from different users and different instruments.
More About Chromeleon 7.1 CDS Software
Video interview
Watch Video: Interview About Chromeleon at Pittcon 2012
(3.11 Min)
Chromeleon 7.1 Software Service Release 1 (SR1)
Get the newest features, at no extra charge, by updating to Chromeleon 7.1 SR1 CDS software.
Summary of SR1 Release
Software solutions

Visualize Data Instantly in CDS Software with MiniPlots
Keeping up with today's deluge of data demands new tools for faster analysis of larger data sets. MiniPlots in Chromeleon 7 CDS software presents large amounts of data graphically, simultaneously, and clearly. Instantly display detailed miniature thumbnail images of chromatograms corresponding to each injection in a list. Rapidly scan through dozens of injections and immediately identify gross differences from others, and more.
Watch MiniPlot Video (0.31 Min)
Rich Interactive Charting Solution in CDS Software Interprets Results Faster
No need to export data to create your own chart. The Interactive Charts feature of Chromeleon 7.1 CDS software allows you to dynamically reveal the trends in your chromatographic results, and immediately drill down to source data. You can evaluate and report while still maintaining data integrity. Its high level of interactivity allows you to fully interact with the chart data points, chromatogram, and tabular data.
Download Interactive Charts Poster (PDF 6.3 MB)
eWorkflows Streamline Analysis
Use eWorkflowsTM to configure and run complete analyses with just a few mouse clicks. Simply select your eWorkflow, the desired instrument, and enter the number of samples. Your eWorkflow then creates the sequence, complete with all calibration and check standards, blanks, methods, and report forms—everything you need to run your samples. Load your autosampler and click Start, then come back later to collect your results.
Learn More About eWorkflows
Download eWorkflow Template for U.S. EPA Method 300.1

eLearning Module Provides Introduction to LIMS
While CDS collects, analyzes, and stores chromatographic results, laboratories around the world depend on LIMS to manage their entire laboratory workflow, data, assign rights, manage inventory, and much, much more. This eLearning module discusses what a LIMS is, its benefits, and how it can be integrated with your entire business including your CDS.
Visit Introduction to LIMS eLearning Module 

Delivering on the Promise of the Paperless Lab
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems hold critical manufacturing and financial data, LIMS systems manage quality data and results, while electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) manage experiments and CDS contains chromatography data. These systems have become islands of information that are accessed separately, by different users and oftentimes do not communicate with each other. Compiling data from these systems is laborious and users resort to spreadsheets to access the data they need. Integrating these disparate systems allows an organization to maximize its investments and eliminate inefficiencies or error-prone processes.
Learn How to Achieve the Paperless Lab
Read Blog Post
Gas Chromatography (GC and GC-MS)
Easy Operation, Brilliant Results — New Triple Quadrupole GC-MS System
Precise Routine Analyses, Saves Time, Reduces Costs
Get lower detection limits in difficult matrices with less sample prep. The Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS delivers next-level performance along with the unstoppable productivity you need. Designed for routine analysis, the TSQTM 8000 system integrates proven triple quadrupole technology with a rich software suite for uncompromised MS/MS simplicity from startup to final report.
Learn More About the TSQ 8000 System
Ion Chromatography (IC)
Electrochemical Detection for IC Carbohydrate and Amino Acid Analysis—New Web Pages Available
This new web page provides information about electrochemical detection (ED) used for carbohydrate and amino acid analysis as well as for analytes separated by IC. It provides information about 1 and 3 mm electrodes and for conventional and disposable electrodes. The electrode selection guide shows typical conditions for the separation and detection. 
New Electrochemical Detection Web Page
Metabolomics 2012
June 25–28, Washington DC
Can you find the REAL difference? Play the SIEVE game at our booth to find the REAL differences and win a prize.
Join us at the FREE luncheon workshop on Wednesday, June 27, noon 1 p.m. to learn about our latest applications and software.
Visit Thermo Scientific Booth #2 to learn more about innovation applied to our cutting edge UHPLC/MS, GC/MS technologies, consumables, and software that address your biggest challenges in metabolomics research. Schedule a demonstration at the booth and receive a FREE GIFT!
See you there!
Metabolomics 2012
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