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SBE Vol. 18
New! Online Environmental Productivity Solutions
On-line environmental productivity solutions are now via the Thermo Scientific GC and GC/MS environmental webpage. The comprehensive and easy-to-use online resources redefine traditional method development and validation processes by matching consumables, software and documentation to high performance Thermo Scientific GC/MS systems.


Each online environmental productivity solution describes the parts that are used to configure the instrument for a specific method as well as all of the electronic files needed to run them. Simple instructions illustrate the basic steps to set up the instrument and run the method, and a How-To Guide walks the user through the use of Thermo Scientific EnviroLab Forms software for each method according to specific laboratory requirements. The solutions also detail the methods and sequences used to validate each method to allow GC/MS operators to be productive and quickly implement new methods.
What's New
New Forensic Resource Kit: Determination of Illicit Drugs using U-HPLC/MS

A comprehensive resource kit features forensic solutions for the analysis of suspected drugs of abuse seized as evidence.  Forensic laboratories can leverage the Accela U-HPLC System and MSQ Plus Mass Detector to increase throughput, reduce resource costs, alleviate case backlog and accommodate surges in caseload. 

Request your kit here.

Solid Phase Extraction Presentations

A series of short narrated presentations have been developed to look at various aspects of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), from key considerations in method development to troubleshooting and phase selection.


An Introduction to Solid Phase Extraction  SPE is a technique for cleaning complex samples for subsequent analysis.


SPE Methodology  A simple 5 step process that can be tailored to many different sample types.


SPE Phase Chemistries  SPE tubes and cartridges are available packed with a range of silica and polymeric modifications.


SPE Method Development  SPE method development includes selecting the right packing type, size and solvent systems.


SPE Phase Selection  Selecting the correct packing material for your sample clean up requires you to understand and properly define your requirements, including knowing something about your sample.


SPE Troubleshooting  Introducing the concept of troubleshooting solid phase extraction separations.

Chlorine, Phosphorus and Nitrogen Based Pesticides

GC/MS method for the analysis of 48 chlorine, phosphorous and nitrogen based pesticides using a TRACE™ TR-50MS column.

HT Herbicides and metabolites

This LC separation of herbicides and metabolites with a wide range of polarities is achieved on Hypercarb with a temperature gradient.

Quick Tips
Connecting and Preparing Your LC Column For Use
There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind when connecting a column to an HPLC instrument.  For practical advice on how to get the best performance from your LC system please  visit the Chromatography Resource Center.
The Effect of GC Column Position
The correct insertion of the column into the injector and detector is important in order to ensure good sensitivity and peak shape. Learn more here.
A fast and fully automated LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of both metabolites of the herbicide Chloridazone in water.

Fast and Versatile Analysis of Desphenyl-Chloridazone and Methyl-Desphenyl-Chloridazone in Surface, Ground and Drinking Water Using LC-MS/MS and EQuan

For this application note please see page 30 of the 2009 Thermo Scientific Hypercarb Columns Application Notebook.

QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction for the GC/MS Analysis of Pesticides in Grapes

QuEChERS dispersive SPE is as a simple, fast and quantitative sample preparation method for the analysis of pesticides in food matrices. If you would like to know more please read the application note.