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July 2009
Thermo Scientific Accela 600 Pump

Introducing the Thermo Scientific Accela 600  HPLC Pump with Quaternary Solvent Delivery. The new pump is designed to enable rapid method development while significantly reducing solvent consumption.




The Accela™ 600 features innovative Force Feedback Control (FFC), enabling accurate and precise gradients under all operating conditions and provides the flexibility of quaternary solvent delivery with unparalleled performance for HPLC and U-HPLC applications.

What's New
New Video: TurboFlow Technology & Multiplexing

See how TurboFlow technology and multiplexing work inside the Thermo Scientific Transcend System to maximize the efficiency of your mass spectrometer.

Watch Maximize your HPLC Throughput

Thermo Scientific GLD Pro Leak Detector

Introducing the Thermo Scientific GLD Pro Leak Detector which aids in quickly locating and identifying gas leaks, helping to reduce detector noise, provide a stable baseline, reduce carrier gas by minimizing waste, and maximizing the lifetime of the analytical column by minimizing the presence of oxygen and other impurities in the carrier gas.

Gas leak detector 

NEW Product: Hypersil BDS 2.4m columns


Thermo Scientific Hypersil BDS range of columns is now available with 2.4 µm particle packed columns. Previously available only in 3 and 5 µm particle sizes, the 2.4 µm particles generate higher efficiency, which is delivered over a greater range of optimum linear velocity. This allows operation at higher flow rates without losing performance. When combined with shorter columns, faster chromatographic separations can be obtained whether using conventional HPLC or ultra high pressure (U-HPLC) systems.

Read the fully updated Hypersil BDS Technical Guide.

Optimize performance of your GC

Free gas filter with purchase of a Thermo Scientific GLD Pro Leak Detector.

Reference Promo Code GLD2009 when ordering.

Buy 2 Hypersil BDS 2.4 m columns, get 1 FREE

Limited time introductory offer!

Buy 2 Hypersil BDS 2.4 μm columns, get 1 FREE until September 30. For more information read the annoucement or visit

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An Introduction to Solid Phase Extraction

Solid Phase Extractions (SPE) is a useful technique for cleaning complex samples for subsequent analysis.

SPE Methodology

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a simple 5-step process that can be tailored to many different sample types.

Watch the presentation on SPE Methodology

Opiates in Whole Blood

Discover how to replace laborious offline sample preparation with an online Thermo Scientific TurboFlow method to analyze opiates.

whole blood


High Throughput Drug Discovery

Did you know it's possible to increase sample throughput by 75% in drug discovery analysis?

Download High Throughput LC-MS/MS Analysis of Metabolic Stability Incubations to discover how to increase productivity.

Thermo Scientific Hypercarb Columns: Applications Notebook


Celebrating 20 years since the introduction of Hypercarb, this applications compendium details many diverse application notes and chromatograms that have been using this unique stationary phase.



Visit for more information or  download the Applications Notebook now!

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