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Volume 15, March 2009
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Introducing the Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum Access MAX LC-MS/MS and TraceFinder? Software

Optimize the workflow in your food laboratory. Preconfigured methods and report formats makes routine screening and quantitation of contaminants a simple process. Choose the test, build the sample list, select the report options and submit the samples for analysis on the TSQ Quantum Access MaxTM.

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Promotional Offer: Increase Productivity through UHPLC/MS at a Revolutionary Price

Increase your laboratory's productivity with the Thermo Scientific Accela MSQ - a turnkey UHPLC/MS solution at a revolutionary price.  The AccelaTM MSQ provides superior chromatographic efficiency and enhanced mass detection with unsurpassed ease of use, performance, and ruggedness.

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Over 3600 searchable abstracts for Thermo Scientific LC-MS applications

Abstract Database CDEnhance your technical knowledge with this searchable CD featuring over 3600 LC-MS abstracts from over 240 peer-reviewed publications. The latest release of this database covers the spectrum of liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry technology and applications, including both large and small molecule analysis. The CD contains sample preparation and instrumentation details for each abstract

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New Product: Learn how you can protect your Hypersil GOLD 1.9 Ám columns without losing performance with our new UHPLC filter

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Thermo Scientific UHPLC filter now.

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European High Resolution GC/MS Users Meeting in Rome

Sign up now for the 3rd European High Resolution GC/MS Users Meeting in Rome, Italy, March 26-27, 2009.

We will present a number of top issues in a dense program covering the most current High Resolution GC/MS applications in environmental analysis, food and feed analysis as well as latest sample preparation developments. High level speakers well known for their leading role in the community confirmed their contribution.

Participation at the Users meeting and Lunchtime Workshop is free of charge. Registration is now open. For more information visit

Thermo Scientific Offers Complementary GC-MS/MS Approaches to Pesticide Residue Analysis

Two recent Webinars were delivered covering the use of CG-MS/MS techniques for the analysis of pesticide residues in food.

To see how GC-ion trap MS/MS and GC-triple quadrupole MS/MS can provide complementary tools for food scientists. The power of both techniques is illustrated in the low detection limits and high productivity achieved.

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Exploiting Particle Size to Reduce Solvent

The global shortage of acetonitrile is causing concern for many HPLC operators. In this article, the use of sub-2 μm particle packed columns as a strategy to help reduce acetonitrile consumption in analytical HPLC test methods is presented.

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Case Study: BMS Accelerates Drug Discovery using Ion Trap LC/MSn Technology

In drug discovery and development, the immense quantity of information available from high-throughput digitalized biology can be overwhelming, reducing the focus on the quality of the data. Dr. Jonathan Josephs, principal scientist for Bristol-Myers Squibb, has developed novel ways to obtain the most valuable information - identity, purity, and metabolic profiles - of drug candidate compounds.

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Case Study: LC-MS/MS Online Sample Preparation for Water Analysis

Discover how our customer significantly reduced analysis time and improved LODs by directly injecting and enriching samples using the Thermo Scientific EQuan system.


Application Note: Bioanalytical Assay for Neurotransmitters

Learn about a new quantitative, fast, automated, online LC-MS/MS TurboFlowTM method for the analysis of neurotransmitters in human whole blood.

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