Monitoring Biodiesel Quality
Monitoring Biodiesel Quality Quality biodiesel manufacturing relies on a range of analytical techniques. Through this series of applications, learn a variety of methods to help you meet the challenges of monitoring biodiesel standards.
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Free CD: LC-MS/MS Solutions for Drug Discovery and Development
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  • Lowering chemical noise with FAIMS
  • Injecting biological samples directly into an MS/MS system with TurboFlow (tm) technology
  • Enhancing LC-MS/MS sensitivity up to eight times with a H-ESI probe
  • Protein Reagents for MS Sample Prep
    Protein Reagents for MS Sample Prep Request this special MS-focused issue of Previews to achieve better results. Includes information on abundant protein removal kits, protein stains, digestion kits, sample clean-up tools, ion pairing reagents and crosslinking reagents.
    Environmental GC/MS Webinar
    Environmental GC/MS Webinar Tuesday, May 15, 2007
    Improve productivity in your environmental lab. Join us for a live webinar detailing the use of advanced chromatographic techniques to improve routine GC/MS environmental methods. Click here for details and to register.
    ASMS 2007 - Delivering MS Innovation to Every Lab
    June 3-7, 2007 Indianapolis, IN USA
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    HPLC 2007 - Visit us in Ghent
    June 17-21, 2007 Ghent, Belgium
    Stop by the Booth 41 and learn how Thermo Scientific chromatography products such as the Accela (tm) High Speed LC system and the 1.9 um Hypersil GOLD (tm) HPLC columns, can improve speed and sensitivity in your applications. Click here for more show details.
    International Symposium and Exhibition on Chromatography
    June 4-7, 2007 Dalian, China
    Visit our representatives at Booth 7 & 8 to learn more about the latest Thermo Scientific GC and GC/MS product offerings, including the DSQ II single quadrupole GC/MS, DSF high resolution GC/MS, Polaris Q ion trap GC/MSn, TRACE GC columns and the new triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS, TSQ Quantum GC. Look here for more on the meeting.
    LC/MS Technical Seminar Series
    Accelerate your liquid chromatography with tips to improve the speed of your separations, improve sample throughput, achieve shorter run times and excellent peak symmetry. Look here for details and to register.
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    Determination of Trace Levels of Nitrofuran Metabolites
    Determination of Trace Levels of Nitrofuran Metabolites This application note describes an LC-MS/MS detection method for four nitrofuran metabolites, with detection limits lower than 0.05 ug/kg. Learn more
    GC/MS Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Drinking Water
    GC/MS Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Drinking Water This application note highlights the use of new productivity tools for US EPA Method 524.2. Excellent sensitivity, with a 5mL sample volume, is achieved with this comprehensive solution. Read details here
    Comparison of Different Septa Materials
    This study examines bleed levels, longevity and sealing capabilities of different septa when subjected to different temperature treatments and a selection of commonly used GC solvents. It also discusses the suitability of different septa for different injection conditions. Learn more
    Separation of Positional Isomers
    Separation of Positional Isomers The steric selectivity of the perfluorinated Hypersil GOLD PFP stationary phase is illustrated with the separation of 14 phenolic positional isomers in this application.
    Aflatoxins Analysis
    The unique selectivity of porous graphitic carbon, Hypercarb (tm), enables the separation of two sets of aflatoxins that differ in empirical formula by only 2 hydrogens, using isocratic mobile phase conditions. Look here
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    HPLC Column Selector
    HPLC Column Selector Make column selection easier with this interactive, web-based tool. Test it out
    Improving GC Gas Purity
    Contaminant-free gas is important in GC analyses. Learn more on ways to improve gas purity.
    Choosing the Correct SPE Phase
    Download this useful table that provides recommended Thermo Scientific HyperSep SPE phases for a number of applications.