TurboFlow Technology, an Alternative Separation Technique for Complex Matrices
TurboFlow Technology, an Alternative Separation Technique for Complex MatricesTurboFlow(R) technology eliminates time-consuming sample preparation steps and allows direct injection of biological samples into an MS/MS while simultaneously minimizing ion suppression for high sensitivity. Learn more
What's New
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Enhanced LC/MS Detection System
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Enhanced LC/MS Detection System The latest and most advanced version of the high speed single quadrupole LC/MS detection system, MSQ Plus, features many enhanced security features enabling 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. See details here
Life Science Mass Spec Abstracts Database
Life Science Mass Spec Abstracts Database The LC/MS Abstracts Database CD includes over 2000 LC/MS applications, covering
  • PTM analysis

  • Biomarkers


  • Top-down, bottom-up protein ID

  • The CD also features LTQ Orbitrap(TM), LTQ FT(TM), TSQ Quantum(TM) and MSQ(TM) applications. Don't miss out on these new applications - request your free copy
    Thermo Scientific ABRF 2007 Workshop
    Register for our technical workshops at ABRF to learn more about ground-breaking ETD technology, H-SRM for targeted protein quantitation and innovative proteomics solutions.
  • Complementary Discovery-Based Proteomic Platforms with Targeted Analysis, Dr. Christine Wu, University of Colorado School of Medicine

  • Linear Ion Traps and the Future of Proteomics: from Electron Transfer Dissociation to Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, Dr. James L. Stephenson, Jr., Research Triangle Institute

  • Also join us daily at Booth 301 to take a closer look at our latest software and instrumentation.
    European High Resolution GC/MS Users Meeting
    European High Resolution GC/MS Users Meeting Applications in Environmental, Food and Feed Analysis
    Venice, Italy March 23-24, 2007
    This free lecture program, produced in cooperation with INCA, will cover the latest analytical and regulatory developments affecting environmental, food and feed applications. Visit for a detailed agenda and registration.
    All Molecule LC/MS Seminars
    All Molecule LC/MS SeminarsAttend a free informative session on compound and protein identification, bioanalysis, and environmental and food safety, featuring presentations from industry leaders and experts.

    For locations, registration and a detailed agenda, click here
    Thermo Scientific Training Institute
    Thermo Scientific Training Institute Learn about the expanded Thermo Scientific course offerings by requesting a new 2007 Course Catalog. For convenient course registrations and more information, click here.
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    Optimizing Performance with 1.9 um Particle Packed HPLC Columns
    This Pittcon 2007 poster discusses the selection of the best column geometry, particle size and working conditions for optimum separations. Read more
    Analysis of Aflatoxins Using Fluorescence Detection
    Analysis of Aflatoxins Using Fluorescence DetectionMany agricultural commodities are vulnerable to attack by fungi that produce mycotoxins. This application features a method to detect aflatoxins at low ppb levels with excellent resolution and peak efficiency. Learn more
    GC Analysis of Scottish Whisky Quality
    Scottish whisky quality is determined by the combination of higher alcohols and other flavor components. This scientific poster explores the use of GC analysis in defining that quality. Find out more in this PittCon poster.
    Folic Acid USP Method
    Folic Acid USP Method Folic acid is a form of the water soluble vitamin B9, which occurs naturally in food. This application illustrates the excellent peak shape achieved with Hypersil
    GOLD(TM) as the L1 column, as specified in the folic acid tablets USP method.
    Organochlorine Insecticides
    Concentration of organochlorine insecticides using HyperSep(TM) C18 SPE cartridges improves monitoring their presence in the environment. Learn how

    Quick Tips
    HPLC Buffer Selection
    Choosing the most appropriate HPLC buffer does not have to be overwhelming. Read here for general tips on buffer choice.
    GC Injection Methods
    GC Injection MethodsOne of the most important decisions when developing a new GC method is the choice of injection method. How do you choose the appropriate technique? Read more
    SPE Phase Selection
    Download this reference to quickly identify the most appropriate SPE phase for a variety of industrial applications.

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