Productivity Solutions for GC/MS
Productivity Solutions for GC/MSStreamline your GC/MS method development processes with turn-key solutions that do the work for you. Our Productivity Solutions combine Thermo Scientific GC/MS systems and consumables with pre-validated methods and ensure immediate success. Read more
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New Applications at the Chromatography Resource Center
New Applications at the Chromatography Resource Center The Chromatography Resource Center is constantly evolving with new applications. View these new HPLC and SPE additions
The Thermo Scientific DSQ(TM) II GC/MS system combines reliable, robust performance with extended dynamic linear range and unmatched sensitivity to offer analytical flexibility for any application. Learn more
Free LC/MS Proteomics Applications CD
Free LC/MS Proteomics Applications CDKeep on top of the latest innovations in LC/MS sample analysis. Included in the Proteomics Resource Library 2.2 CD are new application notes, posters, and presentations from 2005/2006 technical symposia. Request a copy here
European Small Molecule LC/MS Seminars- February/March
European Small Molecule LC/MS Seminars- February/MarchAttend a free informative session on compound identification, bioanalysis and environmental and food safety, featuring presentations from industry leaders and experts.

For locations, registration and a detailed agenda, click here
HPLC Seminars in India - March/April
Our representatives will be hosting a series of seminars covering High Throughput HPLC, Sample Preparation, HPLC analysis of polar analytes and Best Practices in HPLC Analysis:

  • West/North India (Delhi, Ahmadabad, Baroda, Mumbai, Goa) in conjunction with Chromotopak Analytical Inst Pvt Ltd

  • South India (Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai) in conjunction with LGC Promochem Pvt Ltd

  • Please contact your local representatives or Saritha Singh at Thermo Fisher Scientific for further details.
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  • Free trial size pack of HyperSep(TM) SPE columns or tips

  • Increase detection limits with a free GC injection liner

  • Literature to improve the productivity in your chromatographic separations

  • View a complete list of current promotions here
    See Us at PittCon
    At Booth 1437, learn more about the Thermo Scientific Chromatography offerings including Hypersil GOLD(TM) HPLC columns, the new DSQ(TM) II GC/MS and the new Accela(TM) High Speed HPLC system.
    Seminars at PittCon
    Thermo Scientific Chromatography Consumables representatives will present daily seminars at the Fisher Scientific booth. Stop by Booth 1432 for details.
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    Separation and Quantitation of Complex Amino Acid Derivatives in Plasma
    Separation and Quantitation of Complex Amino Acid Derivatives in PlasmaThis featured application uses a direct LC/MS screening method that accurately and efficiently separates, identifies and measures multiple amino acid derivatives (AADs) in plasma. Learn more
    Increasing Throughput in LC/MS Analysis by Using 1.9 um Particle Packed Columns
    This IMSC 2006 poster describes ways to optimize the speed and resolution of HPLC separations using 1.9 um particles and to improve selectivity with alternative column chemistries. Read more
    Analysis of Doping Drugs in Race Horses
    Analysis of Doping Drugs in Race HorsesThe ability to rapidly detect illicit compounds in race horses is key to reducing the horses' risk and improving the sport. GC/MS is often the analysis method of choice and the right column is essential. Read more
    OligonucleotidesAchieve a 15-minute baseline purification of oligonucleotides 10- to 18-mer in length with this method using the weak anion exchange column, BioBasic(TM) AX at pH 7. Read more
    Cy 5.0 dye
    Synthesis of the asymmetrical cyanine dye, Cy 5.0, produces a symmetrical dye by-product. Easily quantitate this by-product using chromatography with a Hypersil GOLD HPLC column. Read more
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    Trying to determine an appropriate HPLC column for a recently released pharmaceutical? Look here for recommendations.

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