High Speed Accela LC System
Designed to optimize performance of sub-2 µm particle columns, the new Accela(TM) high-speed chromatographic system provides fast, efficient chromatographic separations over an expansive range of flow rates and pressures. Read more.
What's New
Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm Optimization Guide - now available
<b>Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm Optimization Guide - now available</b> Harvest the full benefits of using sub-2 µm particles. This guide will help you easily transfer your existing methods to 1.9 µm particles to achieve the best analysis speed, resolution, sensitivity and selectivity. Request your copy.

EQuan Environmental Quantitation System Using LC-MS/MS
EQuan(TM) is a turnkey system incorporating the TSQ Quantum(TM) for the analysis of pesticides, herbicides, antimicrobials, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals in environmental and drinking water samples. Detection limits can be improved by up to 100 times and LOQs by up to 50 times over conventional injection techniques. Read more.

HyperSep SPE Method Development Guide
The HyperSep(TM) SPE Method Development Guide contains suggested methods and a range of considerations to optimize your SPE methods. Request your copy here

Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)
<b>Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)</b> ETD fragments proteins by transferring single electrons to positively charged peptides, leading to a rich ladder of sequence ions and definitive PTM mapping. Learn more on this innovative technology.
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    Ultra Fast GC Method for the Analysis of Total Hydrocarbons in Water in Compliance
    with ISO 9377-2 (Mod.)

    ISO9377-2 (Mod.) changes the analysis of oils in water from an
    IR to a GC method. Learn how to keep analysis times comparable
    with this detailed application note. Download now.
    Choosing the Appropriate Column Protection
    Extend the lifetime of your columns. This article describes column protection devices available and
    also provides answers to typical technical support questions on column protection. Download now.
    Solid Phase Extraction of Polar Micro
    Pollutants from Environmental Waters

    <b>Solid Phase Extraction of Polar Micro Pollutants from Environmental Waters</b>This Pittcon 2006 poster describes a SPE-LC/ESI/MS method for the analysis
    of polar degradation products of
    atrazine to allow their detection in environmental waters at the sub µg/L level. Download now.
    HIV Protease Inhibitors
    <b>HIV Protease Inhibitors</b>Separate six protease inhibitors in under
    4 minutes. The combination of Hypersil GOLD(TM) 1.9 µm particles and high
    linear velocity provides a sensitive and fast assay, with baseline resolution
    of all analytes. View here.
    Diquat and Paraquat
    Hypercarb(TM) and a typical RP-LC eluent are used
    to separate quaternary ammonium salt herbicides, providing an improvement over less sensitive ion
    pairing RP-LC methods. The Hypercarb graphitic
    carbon behaves as an electron donor and retains
     these cations via an electronic interaction
    mechanism. View here.
    Direct Serum Injection for Drug Analysis
    Large serum proteins cannot enter the small pores (60Å) of the BioBasic(TM) SEC 60 column and elute
     in the unretained fraction. The three drugs are
    retained via hydrophobic interactions with the
    polymeric coating of the large surface area SEC particles. View here.
    Quick Tips
    Determining Appropriate Flow Rates
    <b>Determining Appropriate Flow Rates</b> Bookmark this useful reference for optimal flow rates for analytical, narrowbore, capillary and nanobore columns.
    HPLC Column Storage
    Proper storage of your HPLC columns will extend
    their useful life, saving you time and money. Read here to learn some appropriate methods.

    Stabilizing GC Retention Times
    Do you see inconsistency in GC retention times?
    Learn why retention times shift and how you can stabilize them here.

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