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Separated by Experience
Volume 13
Melamine in Food
  Melamine adulteration of human baby formula and animal feed is causing concern around the world, particularly in China. We have developed and continue to develop analytical methods to identify and quantify melamine and related substances in these matrices. Learn more.
What's New
Promotional Offer: Trade Up to the Power of Linear Ion Trap LC/MS Technology
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An Evaluation of the Suitability of 1.9 µm Particle Packed Columns for Proteomics Applications
  A poster presented at the Montreux LC/MS symposium in November, demonstrates an initial investigation into the suitability of Thermo Scientific Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm PicoFrit columns for proteomics applications. These columns exhibited superb peak width and peak shape for protein digest samples of both low and high complexity, allowing for increased peak capacity and the potential for the identification of a greater number of peptide fragments. Learn more.
New Suite of GC-MS Software Now Available
The Thermo Scientific Lab Forms 2.5 packages comprise a full suite of new GC/MS software aimed at optimizing laboratory workflows. Lab Forms 2.5 packages are designed for users in environmental, clinical research/forensic toxicology, food safety and general QA/QC laboratories. These new packages incorporate innovative features and tools, greatly reducing the time required to move from unknown sample to final report. Learn more here.
High Throughput in the LC-MS/MS Laboratory: Enabling Technologies for Integrated Sample Workflows
  Learn how TurboFlowTM technology minimizes many of the drawbacks of traditional sample preparation methods. Find out more.
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Identification of Psychotropic Substances in Mushrooms and Chocolate by UHPLC/MS

Identification of controlled substances in food matrices is a challenge for forensic laboratories. Classical techniques, such as color tests and thin-layer chromatography, do not provide molecular structural information and cannot be used as a principal means of identification. Read more  how to Identify, separate and confirm psilocybin and psilocin in mushroom and chocolate matrices in this application note. (PDF, 309KB)

Quantitative Analysis of Pseudoephedrine Tablets by UHPLC/MS
Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine are highly coveted by drug traffickers who use them to manufacture methamphetamine for the illicit drug market. The separation and identification of pseudoephedrine from illicit drug mixtures, especially methamphetamine group compounds, will help to identify the sources and the manufacturing pathway of the methamphetamine seized in the illicit drug market. Find out more. (PDF, 556KB)
GC-MS Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Food Using a Modified QuEChERS Approach to Sample Preparation
Recently released application notes describe the use of Thermo Scientific QuEChERS products in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific ITQ 700 GC-Ion Trap MS for the analysis of pesticide residues in lettuce and onion. Method detection limits readily meet or exceed regulatory requirements for pesticides in these foods, and the modified QuEChERS approach ensures samples that are amenable to GC-MS analysis. Learn more about these and other GC & GC-MS food safety solutions here.
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