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Separated by Experience
Welcome to the Separated by Experience Chromatography Enewsletter

Featuring new solutions, new products and new ideas to improve your chromatography experience.


Determine Pesticide Residues in Fruit, Vegetables and Other Foods
QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe) is gaining popularity as the method of choice for multi-residue pesticide analysis in food and agricultural products. The technique is robust, easy to perform and uses low levels of solvent, and results in high recovery levels for a range of compond types.  Find out more.

What's New

Enabling Customers to Reach New Heights
Please join us for a day of applications-focused presentations highlighting new mass spectrometry developments, tips and techniques for proteomics, metabolism and quantitation. Presenters will convey best practices for optimization and utilization of Thermo Scientific LC/MS hardware and software solutions. Register now.

Now Available: 2008-09 Chromatography Columns & Consumables Catalog
Not only will you find the HPLC, GC and SPE consumables products you need, but the new 2008-09 Thermo Scientific Chromatography Columns and Coumables Catalog is a valuable technical reference in your lab. Order  your copy today.

New GC-Triple Quad MS Applications Now Available
The Thermo Scientific TSQ Quantum GC GC-Triple Quad mass spectrometer offers advanced features for optimal performance and productivity for challenging samples. New application notes for the TSQ Quantum GC describe the use of selective reaction monitoring and highly selective reaction monitoring (SRM & H-SRM) for a range of analytical methods. Find out more.

New Thermo Scientific Pierce Chromatography Technical Handbook
The new Thermo Scientific Pierce Chromatography Technical Handbook provides protocols and technical information on our line of silylation, alkylation, and acylation reagents. It also features technical resources for our HPLC derivitization reagents, amino acid analysis products and sample handling tools.

ASMS 2008 Posters and Presentations on CD
Get up to date with the latest LC/MS technical information you need on the job. Request your CD today while supplies last!


Upcoming Tradeshows

Visit us at these tradeshows and see our latest chromatography offerings:

  • GCC 2008, Oct. 14-15, 2008, Galveston, Texas
  • SOFT 2008, Oct. 27-31, Phoenix, Arizona
    The broad range of Thermo Scientific LC and GC solutions for toxicology will be on display at the upcoming meeting of the Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT). From high-throughput screening to confident confirmations, these solutions provide workflow improvements for toxicology laboratories.

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Rewriting Ancient History with Mass Spectrometry
Harvard University uses the LTQTM to analyze 68-million year old dinosaur protein, the oldest sequences ever reported, and added the T. rex to the phylogenetic tree tracing the evolution of species. Learn more.

Learn State-of-the-Art Tools from Chromatography Experts
Can your lab benefit from increased productivity through improved speed, detection and performance? Learn how to build a complete chromatography solution for your lab with a one day seminar discussing state-of-the-art chromatographic tools. Register today for our FREE Chromatography Solutions Seminars.

Simple and Fast Method Development for a Wide Range of Applications
HyperSepTM RetainTM polymeric SPE products have been designed to provide simple and fast method development for a wide range of applications. The unique way in which the material is manufactured gives HyperSep Retain its extended retention capabilities. Find out more.

Small Scale SPE Solutions
Thermo Scientific offers a range of solutions for small-volume sample preparation. Products are available in tip and 96-well plate formats, and with a range of chemistries, including the unique HypercarbTM material for polar compound retention. Find out more.


The Ultra-Fast Separation of Banned Rhodamine Dyes
Rhodamines are a family of 3,6-di (substituted amino)-9-benzoate derivatives of xanthene. The use of a short Hypersil GOLDTM column packed with 1.9 µm particles allows for rapid analysis of the rhodamines such as Texas Red and its derivatives in less than two minutes. Learn more.

Sensitive GC/MS Analysis of Pesticides and Flame Retardants in Drinking Water
US EPA Method 527 describes a method for the GC-MS analysis of pesticides and flame retardants in drinking water. A new application features the Thermo Scientific DSQ II GC-single quad MS, which easily surpasses detection limits for these challenging compounds. Read more.

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