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Welcome to the Separated by Experience Chromatography Enewsletter

Featuring New Solutions, New Products and New Ideas to improve your chromatography experience.
SBE Spotlight
Brief Introduction to LC/MS for Chromatographers
Learn the advantages of LC/MS versus traditional HPLC methods and determine if it might improve your analyses of organic compounds.
SBE What's New
Introducing TRACE TR-FFAP GC Columns
The TRACE GC column line expands again with columns ideal for the analysis of organic acids, free fatty acids and alcohols. Learn more
New GC/MS Productivity Solutions for volatile organics analysis streamline method validation
Comprehensive GC/MS Productivity Solutions for US EPA methods 524.2 and 8260C make obtaining the required detection limits and precision easy and productive with  DSQ II single quadrupole GC/MS system. Learn more on 524 GC/MS Productivity Solution or 8260C GC/MS Productivity Solution here. Click here to request more information.
GC IsoLink Now Available
The Thermo Scientific GC IsoLink™, which combines the TRACE GC Ultra™ with the DELTA V gas isotope ratio mass spectrometer, is the first fully integrated irm-GC/MS system operated like a GC/MS. Learn how
New MALDI LTQ XL Mass Spectrometer with ImageQuest Software for Tissue Imaging
The sensitive tissue-imaging platform combines the Thermo Scientific MALDI LTQ XL™ mass spectrometer with ImageQuest™ software for easier analysis of whole tissue without extensive sample preparation, likewise biological and polymer samples without extensive sample preparation. Download the new applications.....
SBE Announcements
On-Demand Webinar: Accelerating the Science of Spectral Interpretation
HighChem Mass Frontier™ 5.0 Software--Learn more about the useful tools for processing and organizing mass spectral and chromatographic data from Alisha Roberts, Ph.D. View now
Upcoming Tradeshows
Visit us at these tradeshows and see our latest chromatography offerings.
  • HPLC 2008, May 13 -15, Baltimore, MD
  • ISCC, May 27-30, Riva del Garda, Italy
  • ASMS, June 1-5, Denver, CO 
  • European Pesticide Residue Workshop, June 1-5 Berlin, Germany
  • TIAFT 2008 June 2 - 8, La Martinique, French West Indies
  • SBE Solutions
    Method Transfer from HPLC to UHPLC for Increased Speed and Resolution
    The modified EP HPLC method for ibuprofen and related substances has been transferred to UHPLC significantly reducing analysis time and solvent usage, while maintaining chromatographic integrity. Details here
    Tools to help --  Make these calculations easier with the HPLC Method Transfer Calculator
    Use of High Temperature in LC to Achieve High Resolution Separation of Complex Mixtures
    Learn how to maximize chromatographic resolution by coupling several porous graphitic carbon columns in series and operating at high temperatures.
    Rapid and Sensitive Analysis of Parent Drug and Metabolites Using FAIMS Separation in Combination with LC/MS
    The FAIMS interface removes chemical interferences and improves signal-to-noise ratios in the chromatographic analysis of Loperamide and its metabolites, detecting previously missed metabolites. Read more
    SBE Analytes
    See how the alternate selectivity of Hypersil GOLD Phenyl HPLC columns improves the separation of these antibacterials.
    Aflatoxin M1 Mycotoxin from Milk
    This application describes a simple solid phase extraction method to prepare and concentrate aflatoxin metabolites for easier detection.
    Quick Tips
    Improving GC Separations
    This convenient chart describes numerous ways to improve your GC analyses. Bookmark it today.
    Column Selection for Polar Compounds
    Read these tips on selecting HPLC columns for polar compounds.

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