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Our new web site is one way we can share our chromatography experience with you. This information-rich resource provides you the tools and technical advice to improve your analytical results. Read more about this site or explore the site to learn more.
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New Accela High Speed LC
New Accela (TM) - two systems in one! To find out how you can achieve high speed, high efficiency LC and LC/MS at both conventional and hyperbaric pressures, view more here.
Coming soon - Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm Optimization Guide
Want to harvest the full benefits of using sub-2 µm particles? This guide will help you easily transfer your existing methods to 1.9 µm particles. Then optimize your HPLC system and method further to achieve the best analysis speed, resolution, sensitivity and selectivity. Reserve your copy.
Free Environmental Testing Seminars - N. America
Join us to learn a number of innovative ways to streamline processes and drive down costs in your environmental testing lab at this FREE, day-long seminar. View a detailed agenda.
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  • Free trial size pack of HyperSep Tips for Micorscale SPE- ideal for small sample volumes

  • Keep the oxygen out of your GC/MS with a free SilTite connection

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    Increasing Throughput in GC Environmental Methods
    Time. There is never enough. This Pittcon poster investigates the different options open to the chromatopgrapher to improve the speed of analysis. The details of the different changes and their effect on analysis time are explored. Read more
    Use of Small Particles in Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
    This HPLC 2006 poster demonstrates how 1.9 µm particles facilitate higher resolution, higher sensitivity and faster analyses. Resolution gains through selectivity changes are also discussed. Read more.
    Hypersil GOLD(TM) PFP (perfluoronated phenyl) can undergo pi-pi, dipole as well as greater steric interactions with analytes, providing excellent selectivity, particularly for aromatic positional isomers. View here.
    Geranium Bourbon Oil
    TR-WAX, a highly polar, polyethylene glycol phase, provides good selectivity of polar components such as esters, alcohols and ketones. In this analysis, the quality of components in essential oils is checked using a TR-WAX column. In particular, note 6,9-guaiadiene which is not always present in inferior oils. View here.
    Quick Tips
    GC Column Regeneration
    Every GC column has a finite lifetime, but with some attention it is possible to regenerate a poorly performing GC column, restoring your separation and extending its useful life. Read more.
    SPE Troubleshooting Tools
    Want to ensure that you optimize your sample recoveries during SPE? Then use Thermo's range of handy troubleshooting tips to overcome any likely barriers that you may encounter in your sample cleanup.

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